The Casting Business in Thai Film Industry

  • Panprae Bunyapukkna


              The purpose of this research is to find the process that most of the Thai film industries commonly use in order to find the right cast to play the role. The result can be split into 2 categories, which are no – low budget films and high – budget feature films. The results were proved that most of the low – budget film productions nowadays find the cast by asking from the crew’s friends or friend of friend. Therefore, finding the cast in low – budget film productions normally has only few people shown up for the auditions and sometimes either none of them has acting skill or their appearances do not match the character. However, since most of the low – budget film productions do not have much ability to find members of the cast, thus some of them still will be selected.  On the other hand, most of the high – budget film productions use modeling companies to find the cast for them. However, most of modeling agencies in Thailand seek and select their cast members from the cast’s appearances rather than the skill of acting


Author Biography

Panprae Bunyapukkna

Communication Arts, Faculty of Management Science, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

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